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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bunny Project

I am very proud of my bunny project in my community. The following photos are a bit graphic but the bunnies are killed and kept in the most humane way possible :) we snapped its neck via broom stick pulling upwards.

My bunny project was my greatest accomplishment in PY. I have found my service successful because i brought this project to my commmunity that never raised rabbits before . Yesterday we killed and ate our first delicious bunny.

Agustina looked up at me after dinner and said Gracias para traer este proyecto. me gusta. I didnt realize how fast the bunny project would spread. they had never had bunnies before! Carbon has given birth to 13 rabbits in the last 4 months. they are all gone to new homes (one was eaten). Agustinas bunny was slower with four. I liked that i didnt not teach anything new but just brought a new animal to them. Agustina and i experimented together, we learned together, we fought over how to build a cage and we learned more about each other and each others culture mroe than i coudl have ever done without the project. She opened me and i encouraged her to pursue what she already new about farm animals. The bunny after four months of life, living mostly off leaves, fed six people last night. its healthy cheap delicious and the abono is great for the land. I wish i knew about the project earlier and hope peace corps paraguay continues with the project.

I learned a lot about leadership in paraguay. I learned how to be confident with my words, open to new ideas and felixible. i learned to understand why agustina thought the way she did, she had only made cages out of wood before, why would she out of bamboo? i learned to adapt.

An unexpected outcome of the project was teaching about cages in general and about chicken wire. Both Agustina and her mom said they didnt realize how cheap the wire could be brought in our nearbye town San Jose or Itacurubi. Both on their own made chicken cages within the last two months. I brought them the wire inicially but now they bike into town for more. I am tooting my own horn here but really i should be praising hers for having the openness to try it out, patience to deal with me and ganas.

We used a bike pump and pumped air between skin and meat to skin it easier

Rabbit Project

Rabbit Project

My biggest accomplishment inParaguay is my rabbit project. Rabbit meat is yummy, has a lot of meat and is great for the environment.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Service is ending

This is my last month that I can accept packages.... My last day of service is december 9th and from then on i am going to travel and try to keep my blog updated. Right now i am applying to graduate school, and looking to the future....I did an amazing AIDS lecture with the high school which was a hilarious experience